Guatemala La Bolsa (Filter)

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Finca La Bolsa was bought by Jorge Vides in 1958 and is currently owned by his daughter Maria and her son Renardo. La Bolsa sits between two mountains, which provide the farm with a very stable, humid microclimate. This is a rare example of San Ramon, a varietal known for it’s high cup quality, which the Vides family are trying to restore.
Following the construction of a school and nursery at La Bolsa, all of the farm’s temporary and permanent staff have access to education for their children, and they are incentivised to leave their children at school or nursery through food donations. Previously, schooling wasn’t necessarily valued as there was a greater pressure on earning more money to feed the family, but as a result of this scheme, there are no children working on the farm, and the school and nursery classes are full.
This is a super sweet and well-balanced coffee with flavours of strawberry and milk chocolate. We recommend brewing La Bolsa on any filter device.
Producer Maria & Renardo Vides
Origin Huehuetenango, Guatemala 
Varietal San Ramon
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 1500-1700 masl
Profile Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Sweet
Colour numbers: