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Herminio Romero Ramirez owns two hectares of land planted with coffee, three quarters of which is mundo novo and caturra. The farm is located at 1800 masl in the village of Las Pirias in Chirinos, a district in the province of San Ignacio known for producing some of the best quality coffee in Peru.
Herminio picks and processes all of his own coffee and dries it in a small wooden shed which he built himself. He has an eye for detail and this year has put a lot of effort into picking only the ripest cherries and drying his coffee slowly. After years of low prices and not seeing any reward for his efforts, he was close to giving up coffee production altogether, but now he is already investing his premiums back into his farm so he can improve quality further.
This is a very sweet and clean coffee, with pear and milk chocolate flavours supported by a creamy body. 
Producer Herminio Ramirez
Origin San Ignacio, Peru 
Varietal Caturra, Mundo Novo
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 1800 masl
Profile Pear, Chocolate, Creamy
Colour numbers:
41 - PEAR